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I try to run a shell script file but failed so far on Ubuntu.

In my terminal:

~/Desktop/FTL/data$ ls
amd64  exe_icon.bmp  FTL  licenses  resources  x86
~/Desktop/FTL/data$ sudo bash ./FTL.sh
[sudo] password for anon: 
bash: ./FTL.sh: No such file or directory
~/Desktop/FTL/data$ sh FTL.sh
sh: 0: Can't open FTL.sh
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You can use file FTL and the system will do its best to work out what it is and tell you. –  Shutupsquare Sep 20 '13 at 9:27

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Well, as can be deduced from the output of ls command, the name of the file is FTL, not FTL.sh. So you should use:

sudo bash ./FTL


 sh ./FTL

or maybe only:


Also be sure that the file is executable, by running:

chmod +x FTL
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Always use this command for every script to be executed by server.

chmod +x filename.ext
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