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I use a netbook (Asus eeePC 1005ha). Often I work full screen in libreoffice writer. I've noticed that when operating in a maximized window, unity locks up and sometimes freezes both programs. Additionally, the alt+tab command doesn't display the libre office instance when it is maximized. This problem doesn't occur when the screen is in a window form. Any thoughts?

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Is the window maximized or fullscreen? – omnidan Apr 13 '11 at 5:15
That alt+tab doesn't work seems to be an issue with LibreOffice itself: Even under Mac OS, keyboard shortcuts (including copy, paste etc.) do not work in LibreOffice Writer's full-screen mode. – user22253 Jul 26 '11 at 14:56

LibreOffice has issues going into fullscreen in Unity. The launchpad bug #768966 regarding this issue has a good work around from Daniel Centore:

"Install compiz-plugins-extra and compizconfig-settings-manager. Open ccsm and go to "Extra WM Actions." Map Toggle Fullscreen to something you will remember and use it to bring a program into fullscreen with Unity (I use SUPER+G)"

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