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I'm experiencing quite a big issue in lubuntu.

I have an Asus UX31 series with more or less 4 hours battery life.

My problem is that it badly dies with 30/35% of battery remaining. Just like that. Even Chrome doesn't remember its state (open tabs) or sometimes my zsh history is also corrupted.

My xfce-power-management-4 config should be alright:

  • critical battery rate should hibernate
  • critical battery rate is at 10% but it seems never to be reached (so I don't think it's a matter of signal sent too late as I've read in some other posts)
  • hibernation works very well when triggered manually or when the laptop is plugged in

It seems like at some point, the battery acts as if disconnected from the laptop, but I think (and hope) it is a software issue since it always happens at around the same moment in the battery life.

Any idea where should I search to solve this issue?

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