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I have a big problem and I hope you guys can help me... I have a MSI GT60-2OD which has SSD and HDD. My Windows 8 is installed on the SSD and now I want to install Ubuntu and Kali on the HDD ... and I did!!! but the problem is with the bootloader ... the bootloader is installed on master partition of HDD (it didn't let me to install it on SSD!) and it can see both kali and ubuntu but it doesn't see the Windows which is on the SSD.

How can I add My Windows to the bootloader menu?

The bootloader is Grub 1.99 and the ubuntu is 12.04 LTS

Thanks a lot... I need your help...

edit: in my BIOS Menu I have 3 options for boot mode:

  1. UEFI with CSM



The only mode that allows me to boot from CD/DVD is LEGACY so I am trying to install my OS in this mode

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