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I'm a linux newbie and I've now tried lots of different ways of doing this, but every single one fails somewhere - usually because they pertain to Ubuntu desktop rather than server and rely on packages being present which aren't, or a graphical interface.

I'm running 12.04 server - fresh install in a VM

I've tried editing /etc/default/grub followed by update-grub and reboot - this either achieves nothing, or results in a failure to reboot.

I try to run vbeinfo and it says unknown command.

How can I increase the size of the console window?

I've tried using xrandr which required a package install of x11-server-utils, but after installation all I got when I typed xrandr was Can't open display

Some comments have talked about "grub menu"... what is this - if I type grub it tells me to install a package - I do so, and type grub and I get the grub console... is this helpful?

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You can add kernel parameter vga=792 (depends on your monitor) in /etc/default/grub

  VGA Resolution Codes for GRUB & Lilo
--- Depth --
Colors  bits  640x480  800×600  1024×768  1152×864 1280×1024  1600×1200
   256    8   vga=769  vga=771   vga=773   vga=353   vga=775    vga=796
 32000    ?   vga=784  vga=787   vga=790   vga= ?    vga=793    vga= ? 
 65000   16   vga=785  vga=788   vga=791   vga=355   vga=794    vga=798
 16.7M   24   vga=786  vga=789   vga=792   vga=795   vga=799
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Try running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

You will be able to choose from a variety of fonts and font sizes for the console.

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