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I've sought advice from similar threads here, and I'm either not reading them correctly, or my brain is currently fried.

My Prior Reading: Automatically kill a process if it exceeds a given amount of RAM and all of its clickthroughs

Either way, here's my problem:

When running Tumblr dashboard for significant lengths of time (yes, I have an addiction), the Chrome tab in which it is running will consume ever-increasing amounts of RAM - topping out at 2.9 GiB, which is when my computer starts slowing noticeably, and I catch it and manually kill the process.

Killing the process does the trick, as it ONLY takes the specific Chrome tab with it (with no loss of data), and leaves the rest of the browser intact. (Thank God for isolated processes)

Is there a way to set up ulimit or something else, so that it will ONLY kill individual processes identifying as "chrome", when they reach a limit of (say) 1500 MiB RAM usage.

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