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I can't use either Empathy or Pidgin to reply to some users using the "people nearby" / people near me / bonjour / avahi protocol. I can receive messages from them, it will arrive on my machine, but when I send a reply I receive an error sending message "[message]": disconnected error. If they send me more messages I get those as well.

This happens only to some users on the local network, with other local users I can chat just fine.

Error on Empathy:

enter image description here

The same issue on Pidgin:

enter image description here

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I'm gonna set a bounty on this damn error –  That Brazilian Guy Sep 18 '13 at 18:37
Using fedora now? Still hapens? –  Braiam Jan 8 at 23:35
I had forgotten all about it. No, it doesn't happen anymore. I will check with my coworkers to see what's been changed on the local network to have fixed the issue. –  That Brazilian Guy Jan 9 at 0:16
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