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I know there are a lot of similar questions out there, so I hope not to get the same answer I've already read a couple times.

I know that DCD playback does not work with stock VLC; you have to install the restricted extras. so far so good, I did that and everything works fine.

But: I tend to suspend my computer, rather than fully shutting it down, because I don't like waiting that much. I also use a program to do timed suspends (qshutdown), so I can fall asleep watching a DVD and not have to worry about a running computer.

You maybe wondering why I'm telling this? here you are: almost every time, I wake my computer from suspend, I can't open DVDs in VLC (it works, if I open it without DVD menus, but then it crashes somewhere in the middle of the film). Is there a known solution to it?

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Okay, someone posted the answer on Google Plus.

Micah Green ( suggested that you install libdvdcss.

Tim Cummings ( says that hibernating and suspending can cause odd behavior like this.

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