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Can tell me how to open network manager in Ubuntu 12.04. It is a default package in Ubuntu OS, or we need to download it?

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Network Manager is by default present in Ubuntu

To open it

1) Click on the network icon you will find in top right corner of the screen you will see a drop down list like as shown:


Click on the option of Edit Connections..

2) A new window will pop showing the different kinds of connection from there you can configure your network manually.

Network Manager

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Of course Ubuntu have a network manager installed by default. It's enough to press Super key and type only net:

network manager

You can also open it if you go to System Settings...Network.

Or, you can open it from terminal using the following command:

gnome-control-center network

network manager

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Actually i need to connect internet through network manager bacause i am using reliance netconnect i cant download any packages so i need to open network manager can u please tell me wat i want to do to connect internet by reliance netconnect modem.Thanks for ur valuable reply. – user192206 Sep 19 '13 at 4:55

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