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I need to configure my router remotely, and links etc won't work because the router config page uses javascript and refuses to run without it.

Obviously, shame on netgear for being this crap, but is there a text mode browser that will allow their abortion to run?

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edbrowse claims to support JavaScript (but I've never used it)

As ed is the standard editor edbrowse may become the standard browser ;-).

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Check which version of elinks you have.

elinks -version
ELinks 0.12pre6 #Not the version that supports ECMAScript

The article "Building eLinks Text-based Web Browser with (Some Sort of) JavaScript Support" describes how to get javascript configured in elinks.

It notes that the resulting version of elinks still doesn't work with lots of web pages, which is perhaps why javascript support is not enabled by default in the elinks version in Ubuntu.

Other even less successful alternatives are noted also: links2 and w3m + w3m-js extension.

A quick summary of the commands for building an elinks that supports ECMAScript follows:

tar xjvf elinks-current-0.13.tar.bz2
cd elinks-0.13*
#Check for ECMAScript support. 
make -j8
sudo make install
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There is a good feature comparison table at Linux Journal

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Would like to point out that presently that article is over 10 years old, from 2005. – user1359 Apr 16 at 16:07

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