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juju-core (1.13) does not support the old pyjuju configuration variables ec2-uri and s3-uri.

So I took the Go sources and tweaked a new region in with the necessary API endpoints (GreenQloud).

Now juju bootstrap does not immediately say;

error: The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records

Which it used to say immediately before making the change. Now it takes approx 15 seconds for it to give the same error. I added debug to -> SetConfig() and verified that it is passed through ok.

Any hints on what else could be possibly making requests to Amazon API instead of the GreenQloud endpoints I specified?

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Well it seems the answer was in the juju-core README file which I didn't read well enough:


The juju client program, and the juju 'tools' are deployed in lockstep. When a release of juju-core is made, the compiled tools matching that version of juju are extracted and uploaded to a known location. This consumes a release version number, and implies that no tools are available for the next, development, version of juju. Therefore, when using the development version of juju you will need to pass an additional flag, --upload-tools to instruct the juju client to build a set of tools from source and upload them to the environment as part of the bootstrap process.

Since I had built my own version to get GreenQloud as an AWS "region", I needed to include this parameter. The AWS error message is kinda weird, but anyway it disappeared after I included this parameter.

Now I'm faced with error: cannot start bootstrap instance: no instance types found in greenqloud but that is a different story :)

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