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I am attempting to use a custom MAAS commissioning script to perform custom operations on my MAAS cluster. When do these scripts run? How should they be named? Do they need to be in a particular format, or can they be executable shell scripts or binaries?

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What are you looking to accomplish with custom MAAS commissioning scripts? In my experience so far I have not had to load custom scripts and have made use of these examples and files in these locations installing MAAS and juju - this link will take you to some better examples of I think what your looking for.


Hope this helps,

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I am needing to modify them so that the drives are configured the way i need them. The servers have 160GB drive for the '/' a 1TB drive for the '/var'... – John75077 Jun 29 '15 at 18:31
I want to thank you all for marking me DOWN when something isn't clear. If you can take the time to do that, then also tell me WHY it was negative. Should it have been that obvious then simply show me why. I do my best to keep professional and I expect that from those around me. – John75077 Jun 29 '15 at 18:34
See… for a more complete answer on customizing installation (as opposed to commissioning). – kiko Nov 18 '15 at 15:44

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