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I am currently saddled with a Swedish keyboard at work (TMALSS: I left my nice Japanese one at home), which has some deadkeys, one of which is backtick.

I can type a backtick just fine in any application save RubyMine (and probably any stupid JVM app) either by pressing S-Backtick S-Backtick (i.e. pressing Backtick twice whilst holding down Shift), or by pressing S-Backtick Space.

Any clues what could be going on here? It almost certainly has to be Java, but I don't know anything about adjusting Java input settings or whatever.

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I couldn't reproduce the problem in RubyMine on natty.

If you still suffer from the problem, try the following work-around: change the system keyboard layout from Keyboard Preferences > Layouts > Add and pick Country: Sweden and Variants: Sweden Eliminate dead keys. That will give you the backtick by just pressing S-Backtick. If you need to change between the regular and eliminate dead keys layout variants, keep both available in layouts and set a convenient hot key to switch (in the Layouts tab click on Options... and then Key(s) to change layout).

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Wonderful, thank you! I had forgotten all about the option to eliminate dead keys. I blame xorg--when they made configuration so easy, I stopped having to look up keyboard layout names. ;) – Josh Glover Jul 4 '11 at 7:44

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