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I need help with drive partitioning across multiple hard rives. Meaning I want to install my mint to use all available space. I know with older Ubuntu's if you choose use all available space it would do it automatically, but I can't seem to get to do it with the newest version.

Andm yes I tried to install older versions of Ubuntu to see if I could do it but my system was too new and it wouldn't boot up. And yes I know its a lot of space, but this is going to be my media pc after all.

The system harddrives are as follows

x1 500 gig  sdb
x2 1   tb   sdc 7 sdd
x1 64  gig  ssd ( system ) sda

So I have done some googling and I don't know if I am missing it or if i am doing some thing wrong but I have lvm and drive setup.

I get through the install and nothing system crashes on boot

I was trying this

Drive sda ( system main ) 64 gig ssd
/     20 gigs
/swap 4  gigs
/home 30 gigs

( leaving the rest open just in case i need more )

drive sdb 500 gig
/swap 4   gigs
/home 480 gigs

leaving the rest open just in case

Drives sdc & and sde

/swap 4   gigs each
/home 980 gigs each

leaving the rest open just in case

the one time it did boot up is showed the /home as different drives instead of as part of the whole system

should I be adding /user or /tmp?

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking? Could you please elaborate? –  minerz029 Sep 17 '13 at 1:56
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