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I have an acer 5742G laptop which has a bluetooth inbuilt (I have used it in windows). The problem is the company has given only one button to activate wifi and bluetooth (fn+f3). In windows you press it once and a dialog box shows up with options to enable bluetooth or wifi. But in ubuntu nothing of that sort happens and it just toggles the wifi. What do I do to start my bluetooth.

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I found the solution here:

There are two files in /lib/firmware/ folder. One is ath3k-1.fw and the other is ath3k-2.fw. Rename the first into something else and the second ath3k-1.fw. That fixed the bluetooth issue for me. So for example:

  • ath3k-1.fw -> ath3k-1b.fw
  • ath3k-2.fw -> ath3k-1.fw
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