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ok. so heres the story. once, i had windows 7. i hated it, so i borrowed a drive and got ubuntu 13.04. later i found out about the 13.10 alpha saucy salamander update and i got that too. after a week i got bored and installed fedora. it crashed soon. so i borrowed a drive again and go ubuntu. after a month i had only 3 GB left of my 60 GB. This was the bad part. i was stupid enough to actually get MeeGo. then, i found out i can't get wifi. then i borrowed a drive again, and tried to install ubuntu. just as usual, i pressed f12 and it allowed me to chose the drive. then it booted up like normal and then i was asked to try or install ubuntu. i clicked install ubuntu. then i had to chose whether to replace MeeGo with ubuntu or somthing else. i replaced meego. .it said '0 MB of disk space left'. it stopped in the middle of installation. now i'm stuck with no OS. when i try to install ubuntu, the same bloody '0 MB of disk space left' pops up and stops in the middle of the download. I have no experience in this area. do i need to do something with a partition? plz help me before tommorow. it is a work day!!!!!!!! Have thinkpad lenovo x201. help me get ubuntu!!!!!!

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Perhaps you can describe what options you see during the installation when it asks you how to install ubuntu. Choosing "Erase" will do just that - it will erase everything on the disk including all the O/S's you have installed. Is that what you are trying to achieve? – fossfreedom Sep 15 '13 at 22:46
Just a word of advise: Please try to add the actual question into the headline, if possible. "ubuntu does'nt work" is not very descriptive. And try to keep your description of the problem as short and to-the-point as possible. Add what you've done, where it went wrong and any information you think will be useful to know, when helping you solve the problem. Thanks and good luck! – Nullet Sep 15 '13 at 23:06

The no splace left suggests a partitioning isue. It is possible that the meego install or some of the previous Distro installs have partitioned the drive into small segments. Solution

  1. examine the disk structure....use Ubuntu in LiveCD mode and examine the drive. Use gParted. You may have partitions related to the old OS and even Winodws recovery partitions there.
  2. Plan your objectives...replace everything and start afresh? vs try and recover old OS?.
  3. I would explore the partitions, back up anything useful and then take a deep breath and reformat the drive into two partitions and 15GB for the / and the rest for /home ...wiping ALL data
  4. Install as before
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thanks, and im trying to install ubuntu afresh. try Ubuntu option makes the computer freeze. – tej888 Sep 16 '13 at 14:55

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