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I have a MaaS setup and on top of that I'm trying deploying openstack, following the video at

The problem I am having is that the keystone charm keeps saying that there is an install error. I have no idea where to look and see what went wrong.

Where should I start on trying to figure out what is not working? Is there a log or anything I can look at?

I'm using 12.04 for the MaaS server and the MaaS nodes.

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You can find the answer to this in our debugging hooks section of the docs.

What you'll need to do is launch debug-hooks from the Juju client machine, then resolve the error with the --retry flag (or retry from the Juju Gui if you are using it). This will re-execute the hook and trap the event in the debug-hooks window. From there you will be in the right directory to run the hook file by typing hooks/<name-of-failed-hook> to get output. When you are done, simply press Ctrl D to exit the terminal and signal to Juju that the hook is finished executing.

(Taken from another answer to really the same problem).

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