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I wish to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.04 to see if I can now, after five years of switching to Ubuntu and finding it doesn't have everything I need, finally make the transition from a Windows to a Linux user.

I have a HP Envy M6 laptop and I'm trying to load the Ubuntu 13.04 x64 CD. I've tried it with secure boot turned on and off and manage to get to the GNU Grub 2.00 menu. Here, I select 'Install Ubuntu' and every time the screen goes black for about a minute before the message:

failure reading sector 0x60100 from cd01

Along with the line:

Need Kernal or something or other!

Does anyone know a way around this issue? I've ruled out it's not my dvds as I tried burning the ISO twice and also tried a Xubuntu 13.04 disk I had lying around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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