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Today i installed Ubuntu along with Windows 8 on my HP laptop using DVD Drive (Boot from Internal DVD).

During installation it said something like "You need to have space of 1 MB or so for booting else also you can install it might give errors later"

Issue: Now i wont get option when systems boots up it directly goes to Windows 8.

I have C Drive 320 GB for Windows, D as 8 GB for Swap, F as 16 GB for /home and 30 GB for Windows recovery.

Please help me, do i need to try boot repair with Try ubuntu option that i get when i boot from DVD?

Waiting for response.

I guess issue is related to MBR, i guess during my installation instead of writing to Windows MBR it wrote to F Drive?

Please help me.

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When you install, make room for "/" for all your system data. It looks like you only allocated /home and swap space. I'm guessing it said you have <1MB because there was no partition for /. Here is a post on here about it.

Here is documentation on it as well

I personally use swap space, /, /home, and /boot. But I think only the first two are required.

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