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I have one feature that I am trying to tweak in Ubuntu 13.04 and it's been more than a year, without success.

Whenever I press the SUPER button (the keyboard button with the windows logo on it), I get the equivalent of pressing the Unity Start Menu and I am presented with the first lens screen: HOME (which is usually empty).

If I press SUPER+A I get exactly what I need: direct line to Applications Lens in Unity Start Menu, where I can see all my apps.

I have lost hope, but I figured I should give it one more try: is there a file I can edit in Ubuntu that would allow me to switch the default Start Menu to displaying the Applications Lens instead of Home? Something that would make SUPER+A the default view when pressing the start menu.

I dream of a day when I can see all my apps with one single click on the Unity Start Menu. There must be something, a file, somewhere. I disabled all other lens, removed the online search, amazon, everything so now I only have HOME and APPLICATIONS lens available, with HOME being the default one, whereas I would love to make APPLICATIONS the default when pressing start menu in Unity.

Thank you!

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