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Rather than saving each and every page separately (coz that would be a tedious job) I want to know if there is a single pdf file or a file in any other format of those huge documentations that I could download in single click?

I know there are always some people out there who do such jobs. I don't have permanent Internet connection nor never-ending free time to go online every time,that's why I'll prefer offline documentation.

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Install the ubuntu-ui-toolkit-doc package, if it isn't installed already. Then you'll have a copy of the SDK documentation at file:///usr/share/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/doc/html/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html

This is a general pattern in Linux packaging: the documentation for a library is available in a *-doc package, just like header files come in the *-dev package.

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scrapbook firefox addon is amasing, try it.

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