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My issue is that Ubuntu 13.04 (Unity) is unable to shutdown and simply hangs on a shutdown screen. Details below:

So I've been running Ubuntu 13.04 (i386) on my laptop for a few months and yesterday decided to install Gnome-Shell from Software Centre. After a number of problems with Compiz and Unity, a broken package manager, grub being replaced with a blue theme and the Gnome Desktop not actually working, I fixed most of these problems by removing gnome-shell and the main components that installed with it. (Grub is still blue after reinstalling it, and the ubuntu splash screen doesn't appear, but that doesn't bother me really).

When I choose shutdown (or use terminal commands shutdown -p now or poweroff) the desktop disappears and a blue screen (what I think is a Gnome 3 wallpaper) appears. After hitting esc, a black screen appears with the text

/etc/init.d/.depend.stop: no such file or directory

Then I wait. The shutdown process was 4-5 seconds before yesterday but now lasts until I hold down the power button

There is also some text above that, however it doesn't say anything of value except runlevel=0

What I infer (as a noob, that is) from this is that the Gnome installation affected a file (/etc/init.d/.depend.stop) that runs when the computer shuts down, and now it is unable to power off. I'd like to know how to replace this file with one that will work and hopefully allow the computer to complete the process. Any help is appreciated and I can provide further information if you need it. Also, I found a similar question at The system does not go down but that situation was 12.04 and the answer did not work for me, with terminal returning

install: cannot stat ‘/dev/fd/63’: No such file or directory
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possible duplicate askubuntu.com/q/287792/71679 –  damien Sep 15 '13 at 4:47
i tried that solution; didn't work for me. It's a different error message anyway –  user186786 Sep 15 '13 at 5:06
Fixed the problem by editing a line in /etc/init.d/rc to concurrency=none" Shutdown now works fine although the blue wallpaper appears for a couple of seconds. I don't mind though, it looks nice –  user186786 Sep 15 '13 at 5:45
Maybe add your solution as an answer and mark it as answered –  damien Sep 15 '13 at 6:54

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