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I've bought a new desktop with an asus saubertooth z87 motherboard. I have already a working PXE enviroment in my subnet and I would like to install ubuntu OS (12.10 or 13.04) from it (in dual boot with windows 7).

I'm not able to prioritize the network boot from the uefi bios. I've already enabled the uefi network stack and the PXE support (both for IPv4 and IPv6). Furthermore I've the fast boot enabled but I set to load in any case the network stack driver. Even tought this configuration the uefi doesn't allow me to set the network boot as first, therefore when I turn on the desktop, it simply starts my Windows 7.

Someone could address me in the right direction?

Furthremore, the PXE enviroment in my subnet use the classical pxelinux.0 /pxelinux.cfg, is it fine also for uefi?

Thank you in advance.


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