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Can I somehow install Ubuntu on my Nokia Lumia 800, which is windows phone?

I am tired of Windows OS of my Nokia, Ubuntu seems much better to so I was wondering if installation on my device is possible. Windows version of my phone is 7.8 .

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Ubuntu for phones is still in development stages and, I think, available for Google Nexus only as of now. You might find more information on Ubuntu's official site. – VedVals Sep 14 '13 at 9:43

Ubuntu touch hasn't yet been ported to many phones. Even to the phones that it has been ported it hasn't been developed completely. Its still a 'Work in progress' and a 'Proof of concept'. So, you may regret installing it even if your phone is supported. You'll not find any apps for the OS.

Your phone doesn't seem to be on the list of ported phones. Here is the list.

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