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On my Ubuntu 12.04, I am using CodeBlocks 12.11(rev 8629) to code in C using SDL and some other multimedia libraries. CodeBlocks is giving me a very tough time. It has so many bugs. I searched everywhere for some newer version which has atleast some of the bugs fixed. But I couldn't find any. Also all the nightly builds are given as only for Windows.

  1. Where can I find a less buggy version ?
    (By bugs, I mean, even after saving the perspectives, they don't show up on the next start of the IDE. Same goes with compiler settings. Debugging is a mess, due to the above reasons and number of such small issues.)
  2. If there exists one, can you please provide me with the link and procedure to install it?
  3. Are there nightly builds for Ubuntu? How can I use them?

My present version has a lot of plugins installed and is really huge. I prefer not to delete it. Is there any way those bugs can be fixed? Are any patches available?

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While browsing some other Q&A, it came to my mind that, while installing this version, I got libhunspell-package problem. I am not sure why and what the problem is. Just thought, that information might help to solve the present problem I am facing. –  jsp99 Sep 14 '13 at 7:16

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