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As soon as I press Ctrl, poof goes whatever I'm doing. It's only happening with 13.04. I had Lubuntu 13.04 before, Ubuntu 12.04 before that, and Windows XP came with the original install in this HP Mini 100.

I did not give the Ctrl key any special privileges and tried to see if it had any shortcut assigned but I have found nothing. The main problem is I can not use any shortcut because the window will close.

Any help to change that behaviour before I decide to downgrade to 12.04?

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I tried xev in terminal to verify that the control key is the one I thought and this is the message that I get when I pressit:ClientMessage event, serial 40, synthetic YES, window 0x4000001, message_type 0x13d (WM_PROTOCOLS), format 32, message 0x13b (WM_DELETE_WINDOW) –  hvizcarra Sep 14 '13 at 6:27
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