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I have Ubuntu installed alongside Windows 7. I wanted a fresh start for my Windows OS and restored it back to factory settings. I hadn't used Ubuntu in a while because of a program I had for school that went wonky when I ran it from Ubuntu, so honestly I kind of forgot about it despite it containing basically everything I did in university. I normally would've looked into how restoring back to factory settings would affect Ubuntu but I somehow just didn't even think about it. I just tried to load Ubuntu from the boot menu and it gave me the message that it was corrupt and couldn't be loaded. PANIC TIME. What do I do?! Possibly using 12.x, I last used it almost a year ago and honestly can't remember!

Edit In response to the comments, THANK YOU to the person who offered me the keyword "wubi" and I am confident that's what I used to install it as I just noticed the error message about the corrupt file contains "wubi". Most of the fixes I see when gooling what you suggested are people who don't have the Ubuntu option in the boot menu, but mine is there just corrupted. Any other comments or answers greatly appreciated.

Edit2 I just researched a bit about installing Ubuntu alongside Windows and I may have been confused as to what "alongside" entailed. The first time I used Ubuntu I partitioned my hard drive and then installed Ubuntu on another partition. I had assumed installing it "alongside" Windows meant the same thing when I did it on my (then new) laptop 2 years ago, but it seems like all it does is install it within the Windows partition. Thus, if I restored it to factory settings, Ubuntu was wiped out as well. Am I correct?

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How did you install Ubuntu? Did you used Wubi installer? And what version of Ubuntu are you using? Edit the question to include this extra information, please. –  edwin Sep 14 '13 at 0:57
Search for "ubuntu wubi recovery" if nobody here offers help. I never used wubi, so I can't really help except to tell you that "wubi" is the key word you need, which is the system that allows it to run as a pseudo windows app. –  Marty Fried Sep 14 '13 at 1:00
Thanks Marty - big help! However as my edit says all the fixes I see are for adding it to the boot menu and not for my corruption problem. –  Soft Skeleton Sep 14 '13 at 1:44
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