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During 10.04 starts it does a filesystem check. For some reason that I want to figure out, but this is another question, the harddisk is mounted read only.

I would like to boot to a rescue shell, but the grub2 menu is hidden

I cannot change the grub default config, because I have read only access to the harddisk.

I will now try and manually mount the harddsik readable to change the grub option.

Is there a secret key combination to:

  • show the grub menu anyway during boot?

  • make the splash go away during boot and see the interesting console output?


The answer is to hold the shift key, after the Grub Message "Starting Grub" appears.

This is also a good article about understanding grub2 or switching form grub to grub2:

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To display the Grub menu hold down the Shift key until it displays.

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