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I have 4GB usb flashdrive I tried to format with Widows 7 and couldn't format it any way I tried with Kali Linux (a pentesting Debian distro) to format my RAW usb flash drive (as detected on Windows 7) when I try to format it with GParted to fat32 it says Input/outpout error during write on dev/sdf I did Retry but it took a very very long time trying to format so I aborted the operation than I tried dd if=/dev/sdf1 of=~/flashdrive.img but this

dd: reading `/dev/sdf1': Input/output error
12776+0 records in
12776+0 records out
6541312 bytes (6.5 MB) copied, 649.385 s, 10.1 kB/s

please how to fix the flashdrive? Thank you very much

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I had the same problem once before, with a 4GB flash drive as well. It was detected as RAW in Windows, just like yours. In Ubuntu, it would also give me that Input/output error, just like yours. I tried everything to bring it back to life. Formatting. Writing with zeros, ones and random. "Low level formatting" tools. Everything. But it never came to life. I threw it in the dumpster =/. – Alaa Ali Sep 13 '13 at 22:41
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That flash drive is most likely busted. If you want to see all the errors do ...

dd if=/dev/sdf1  of=~/flashdrive.img conv=noerror,sync

The terminal probably can not buffer all the errors you get.

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