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My game client loses connection from my game server intermittently. (about 0.2% per minute) When connection is dropped, my client received a error code 10053(connaborted) usually.

The number of user is about 100k, so about 200 users are dropped per minute.

I should find the cause, but can't find the root cause.

Now I have written code to work aroud this problem. When my client detects losing connection, my client tries to connect again.

Although this work around, I want to know the root cause of this problem.

Here is my game C/S's environment.

  • Client

    • works on Windows (XP, Visita, 7)
    • uses in-house network library (it's very simple)
  • Server

    • works on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04.1 - kernel 3.2.0-29 / Ubuntu 12.04.2 - kernel 3.5.0-23)
    • using iptables or ufw

Here is my approach to solve this problem.

First of all, I doubted my in-house code. I reviewed my codes very carefully but couldn't find any problems.

Second, I tried to capture packets on my server. Before loosing connection, my server can't receve any packets from a client. My server can't receive a ack packet, so my server try retransmission again and again.

Maybe a client also can't receive any packets from a server. (I can't reproduce this problem in my computer, so can't capture packets in client's side.)

The reason I think a client can't receive any packets is that a client is disconnected with a 10053 error code before the server's retransmission timeout. The client doesn't call closesocket explicitly.

I wonder why client and server can't receive any packets? What's wrong? If the reason is congestion, trying reconnect should be fail, isn't it? But almost trying reconnect is success!

I don't know who drops my packets and why?

I suspect the firewall, so I make the firewall disable on the server (just one machine). But, the problem still produces.

Finally, I suspect linux kernel/tcp stack or NIC device driver. But commonsensically the linux kernel/tcp stack is very stable, isn't it?

Do you have any idea? I'll be very appreciate any feedback.

** attach my wireshark's result

  • port: 4134 is a client
  • port: 7781 is a server
  • a client should send a ping msg (which size is 20 bytes) to a server per 3 seconds.
  • but, there is no client's ping msg from 768 to 786
  • a server sends a ping msg per 20 seconds. At 786 a server try to send a ping msg. (which size is 30 bytes)
  • but a server can't receive ack packet from a client.
  • At 815, a client tries to reconnect to server!! (It's my work around.) But, a server can't receive any FIN or RST.
  • Maybe a client had sent a RST to a server, but a server can't receive it.

** I can't attach a image because I don't have 10 reputation :(

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