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Looking at the following questions

there are some options listed on where we can find information on hardware working (or not working) with various Ubuntu releases.

However now Ubuntu Friendly is disontinued as was Ubuntu Ready, and the Ubuntu Hardware Support Community Wiki. The Ubuntu Certified programme only lets me search for ready built systems where the manufacturer made certification possible, and where components used seem to work. Components other than those used in these systems are not listed. There is no information on poorly supported components, of course.

As I build or upgrade my systems myself the information there is of little value when it comes to decide whether a component will work or will have issues. Searching for pitfalls from poorly supported hardware by Google, user reports here, or in the forums is cumbersome, and it does not always reveal the details needed.

What place would I go to read or submit a short review of a hardware component being either that it worked flawlessly out of the box, or that it had issues that may or may not be resolved?

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