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This is a XDMCP server running Precise that work well. And the desktop is unity-2d. The clients using ubuntu Precise server work, too.

Now we are trying a thin client hardware with very little flash. So we chose tinycorelinux 4.x as the client OS.

When using Xorg 7.6 of TCL4.x to connect to server, lightdm showed OK. After login, wallpaper showed, then the topbar (the one with indicators/clock). Then the working area became black as soon as the launch bar (on the left) appears.

If I started a program, like gnome-terminal, the topbar showed its title, and its menu when mouse hovered, the leftbar showed its icon. But there was nothing in the working area shown. When I pressed Alt-tab, the window switch panel showed with gnome-terminal on it. And the double-lined border of gnome-terminal showed.

And workspace switching, screen lock and unlock worked fine.

What should I do? Is it nautilus?

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