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I have a few questions about security on my ubntu 12.04 LAMP server (newbie)

This is what I´ve done so far:

  • Install and configure Firewall - ufw
  • Secure shared memory - fstab
  • SSH - Disable root login and change port / adding ssh-key
  • Protect su by limiting access only to admin group
  • Harden network with sysctl settings
  • Disable Open DNS Recursion and Remove Version Info - Bind9 DNS
  • Prevent IP Spoofing
  • Harden PHP for security
  • Restrict Apache Information Leakage
  • Install and configure Apache application firewall - ModSecurity
  • Protect from DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks with ModEvasive
  • Scan logs and ban suspicious hosts - DenyHosts and Fail2Ban
  • Intrusion Detection - PSAD
  • Check for RootKits - RKHunter and CHKRootKit
  • Scan open Ports - Nmap
  • Analyse system LOG files - LogWatch
  • SELinux - Apparmor
  • Audit your system security - Tiger


    I am also using Cloudflare which has some security features out of the box.

    But should I install some sort of antivirus on my server?

    (I only have outgoing email, eg users register on my site and gets a email link sent) So I am blocking all INCOMMING emails to the server by loopback-only.

    Should I block ping-requests to my site?

    Or is it not a problem letting people ping my site? ping ...

    Off-topic, my server seems to do a reboot on its own every sunday morning 7am. I havent started this my self with cron-jobs or so, but is there a way to disable it from doing self-reboot every sunday morning? Mostly coz some settings gets lost after a self-reboot has been done.

    Lastly, I am running a cron-job to do a run a function by calling:

    Is it safe to use this method ?secretKey=8934958398457 then using php to check "secretKey" value and then run the cron-job if its equal to "8934958398457"

    Is there anything else I should do in order to make my server more secure?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Let's just say that this system is secure enough to comply with HIPAA, so yeah, you are doing all right as far as security goes.

    You shouldn't need antivirus software. The OS is secure enough that nothing is going to be installed unless you tell it to be installed.

    Ubuntu does not reboot itself by default, so something must have changed that causes the reboot every week. I would look in the files in /var/log (where log files are kept) to see if you can figure out what application is calling the reboot. Whatever it is must have pretty high permissions to cause a reboot.

    About the secret key script: That should be ok as long as the job doesn't do anything that could cause damage or security issues. The odds of someone randomly hitting that URL is small, but you should still make sure that the script that gets invoked doesn't clear out your filesystem or something.

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    Thanks for your answer! I had to double check since this is my first time using ubuntu lamp, The script being called is just a php/mysql function, its just deleting old posts. – kevin svensson Sep 13 '13 at 15:18
    No problem, dude. Hope this helps – jkurtisr32 Sep 13 '13 at 15:27

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