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Nautilus use to have the label for the file system in it's tree as "File System". Recently that was changed to now show "Computer" in the tree to open the file system. Regardless of why this change was made, how do I change it back?

enter image description here

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As far as I know... to change this label you should edit the nautilus Source Code.

NOTE: In this example I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 with nautilus (Files) 3.6.3

1) Make sure you have enable the Source code repository

  • Open the Ubuntu Software Center and in the Menu Bar choose Edit -> Software Sources.
    Click to enable "Source code repository".

Just in case I use the "Main Server" to Download.

enter image description here

2) Open a Terminal and install the necessary packages.

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential

3) Install build dependencies

  • sudo apt-get build-dep nautilus

4) Create a folder to download the source code.

  • mkdir ~/Downloads/src

  • cd ~/Downloads/src

5) Download the source code.

  • apt-get source nautilus

6) Edit the file "nautilus-places-sidebar.c"

Search for the line 3261 to edit.

enter image description here

Replace "Computer" for "File System".

To edit:

  • gedit nautilus-3.6.3/src/nautilus-places-sidebar.c


sidebar->hostname = g_strdup (_("Computer"));


sidebar->hostname = g_strdup (_("File System"));

In one command would be:

  • sed -i '3261s/Computer/File\ System/' ~/Downloads/src/nautilus-3.6.3/src/nautilus-places-sidebar.c

7) Go to the "nautilus-3.6.3" folder to build the deb packages.

  • cd nautilus-3.6.3/

  • dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b

8) Now you can install the deb packages.

  • cd ..

  • sudo dpkg -i *deb

9) Finally you can logout and Login to see the changes.


enter image description here


enter image description here

Hope it helps.

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debian builds of nautilus use a source format of 3.0 (quilt) so after making any changes to the source they should be committed before using dpkg-buildpackage. As in dpkg-source --commit, ect. – doug Sep 13 '13 at 1:33

You'd need to get the raring nautilus source, edit /src/nautilus-places-sidebar.c & rebuild. Preferable to rebuild as debian packages.

The edit would be something like this, -

--- nautilus-3.6.3.orig/src/nautilus-places-sidebar.c
+++ nautilus-3.6.3/src/nautilus-places-sidebar.c
@@ -3258,7 +3258,7 @@ nautilus_places_sidebar_init (NautilusPl

-   sidebar->hostname = g_strdup (_("Computer"));
+   sidebar->hostname = g_strdup (_("File System"));
g_dbus_proxy_new_for_bus (G_BUS_TYPE_SYSTEM,
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