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I have a Windows 7 Sony Vaio laptop. I have created a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu 12.04 and have tried Ubuntu and like it. I would like to have it alongside Windows 7.

When I boot from the USB, I receive lots of messages scrolling by until eventually the Ubuntu logo appears and Ubuntu starts. The boot takes at least a minute or two. My question is, is this long boot process only for the USB boot? If I install from the USB, will subsequent Ubuntu startups from my hard drive be quicker, without all the messaging? Or is there a problem with my USB and I need to re-create the USB?

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Yep, Ubuntu installed on a hard drive starts under a minute or faster (this site reports 18 seconds). Installed on an SSD -- and I can tell this from my own experience -- it boots up in a few seconds. Furthermore, additional services loaded at boot time or applications loaded in a GUI session can be disabled to shave off a few seconds.

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I can definitely vouch for this one, having used both I find my SSD is much much faster. Last time I was running it I checked the differences. They clocked in at:

USB Stick : ~40s
SSD : ~4-5s

As for the scrolling text you could add splash to your grub file at /etc/default/grub to display a wallpaper instead. Don't forget to back this file up however before making any changes. You would change the line too :


Then to make the changes permanent run :


However I would advise doing a test boot before making the changes permanent. To do this just select Ubuntu and press e and the grub screen on start-up. Edit the file as above and then press f10 to start. This way you can try the changes before making them permanent.

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