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I have been running Ubuntu 12.04LTS for about 4 months and I have been running dual monitor via the Thinkpad LCD screen and a VGA connection to my main monitor, however ideally I would like to run dual digital DVI out (using a docking station). The nVidia graphics card / discrete graphics mode will not allow Ubuntu to boot. I have tried every method of updating nVidia drivers, and this has not helped solve my issue.

My Process:

Reboot -

Open BIOS -

Enter Lenovo Display options, change Graphics Mode to Discrete Graphics from Integrated Graphics (ignoring nVidia Optimus) -

Exit and Save (Reboots) -

System Hangs loading Ubuntu.

I get a black screen with the blinking underscore, system does not respond to any interaction.

I am forced to hard shutdown my machine, only way to get Ubuntu to run again is to switch back to Integrated Graphics mode.


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