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Is there a method to run a fully functional Ubuntu system on the Galaxy Nexus? The two methods I know of are Ubuntu Touch Preview, and Ubuntu on top of Android via VNC, but there are problems with both if you want to use it like an ultraportable laptop. Ubuntu Touch Preview lacks standard desktop features. Ubuntu on Android via VNC is unresponsive enough to be impractical for daily use.

My requirements are:

  • full desktop UI with browser, terminal, etc
  • hdmi out support
  • bluetooth support for keyboard/mouse
  • responsive enough to use

On the Ubuntu for phones site it advertises the desktop view feature: "The phone becomes a full PC and thin client when docked.". And there's the demo by Canonical of something similar running under Ubuntu for Android. I realize they're different systems, but the end effect in both is to have a full Ubuntu system running on the phone. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to replicate this, and to my knowledge Canonical hasn't released anything like it publicly.

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Seems that you are trying to address multiple issues at once, remember that Ubuntu for phones is not a complete product and could lack several "features" or contain issues that a complete product would not. – Braiam Oct 17 '13 at 16:08
I've edited the question to be more concise and focus on the primary use case. – Jack Senechal Jan 14 '14 at 8:11

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From what I've read, it is not possible to use the Ubuntu Desktop interface with a Ubuntu Touch device yet. Hopefully this is a feature that will come with 14.04.

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Yeah that's pretty much what I came up with too. Still hoping someone will chime in with a magic solution and make dreams come true :) – Jack Senechal Jan 14 '14 at 8:19

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