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How can I assign Gnome's overview mode to a custom shortcut?

What would be the command that I need to call with my keyboard shortcut?

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Assuming you are using Gnome 3.8, you can set a custom keyboard shortcut for the activities overview under Shortcut -> System -> Show the activities overview.

enter image description here

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There are two ways you could go about doing this.

Replacing Super:

If you want to replace the Super key you can use dconf editor.

First install dconf with:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools  

Then open dconf and navigate to:

org -> gnome -> mutter

and change the value of overlay-key from Super_L to whichever key you want to use. (Unfortunately I'm not sure what the strings for all the keys are...).

Dual overview keys

If you would like to make another key, in addition to the Super, activate the overview you will need xbindkeys and xdotool:

sudo apt-get install xbindkeys xdotool  

Now create the xbindkeys configuration file:

touch .xbindkeysrc  

And edit that file:

gedit .xbindkeysrc  

And add:

xdotool key 'Super_L'

Replace customKey with the key you want to use to open the overview.

You can find key names with

xbindkeys -k  

(Credit for the dconf solution goes to user SoumyaC on Ask Fedora)

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