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How can I add more options to Opera's quicklist such as: new tab, new private tab, new window, mail, etc?

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Basically the same way as shown in this question: How do I add a static quicklist that opens a web page?

Just change the Exec= lines for the quicklist items (running opera --help in a terminal will get you the commands you can use).

Here's how the desktop file (/usr/share/applications/opera-browser.desktop) would look like when adding a private tab quicklist item:


[PrivateTab Shortcut Group]
Name=Open a new private tab
Exec=opera -newprivatetab
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1) Open a terminal and enter the following:

  • gedit ~/.local/share/applications/opera-browser.desktop

2) At the bottom of the file, add the following lines:


[NewTab Shortcut Group]
Name=New Tab
Exec=opera -newtab

[NewPrivateTab Shortcut Group]
Name=New Private Tab
Exec=opera -newprivatetab

[NewWindow Shortcut Group]
Name=New Window
Exec=opera -newwindow

[Mail Shortcut Group]
Exec=opera -mail

3) Save and close Gedit.

4) Add the icon to your launcher if it is not already and your quicklists should now be working.

enter image description here


You can also make Mail open a new tab at a specific address if you want by replacing its Exec command to be (for example):

Exec=opera -newtab ""


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