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I'm trying to set up LVM over LUKS for all of my file system except /boot of course. This is on a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04.03 LTS. (I am choosing 12.04 since it's the latest Long Term Support version).

The CD does NOT come with the necessary packages, i.e. cryptsetup, lvm, or the correct cipher aes-xt-plain.

I'm doing install by using Live CD to do the disk partitioning, cryptsetup luksFormat, and LVM partitioning, then would switch back out to the installer and do the installation

1/ I can't seem to get the right packages 'modprobe'd to get aes-xt-plain working. 2/ If I DO get the right packages, how can I ensure that the kernel in /boot starts up with the those packages? (Cause if it doesn't, it won't read the encrypted partition underneath the LVM.)

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PS, I do get cryptsetup and lvm2 (at least for that version of linux, installed modprobe'd) –  Dennis Sep 10 '13 at 22:18

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