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Well, I will try to describe my problem minutely:

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 a long time ago, but I didn't do it by booting the pc with the burned DVD, I installed it like a normal aplication, in Windows 7, so Windows configured the settings and the dual boot for me. The dual boot worked ok but recently (because I started using Ubuntu more often) I started to have problems with the swap memory, that was low because Windows configured it on the instalation back then.

I updated Windows 7 to Windows 8, but the dual boot kept working ok, managed by windows 8.

So I wanted to unistall Ubuntu and install it again, but doing it the right way(by booting the pc and partitioning the memory). So I unistalled Ubuntu at "Add/Remove Programs" at the windows control panel.

I burned the iso file of ubuntu 12.04 on a DVD and booted the pc with the DVD inside. At the instalation step that I had to partition the memory, I resized the memory used by windows and got 20 gb of free memory, at this free memory block, I wanted to set a new partition at this free memory block, but this option was unavaiable to click on. So I left the instalation, went to windows to check the disk management, and I already have 4 primary partitions: C: , HP_RECOVERY(E:), HP_TOOLS(F:), SYSTEM.

Probably if I remove one of the primary partitions, the box "set new partition" will be avaiable at ubuntu installation, but I really don't know if I can remove this primary partitions, do you know wich one of them can be removed without problem?

I have 320GB of memory, but seems like just 300GB is showing at the Disk Management, I really think that I didn't have any bad block, so could it be the memory of my old Ubuntu instalation and I unistalled it the wrong way so the memory is missing? Do you know some program that can check it out for me?

Thanks, and sorry for bad english. =)

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Basically, you're not doing a dual boot. You've installed Ubuntu on top of your running Windows OS as an application which you can remove using Add/remove programs in Windows control panel.

Existing partition:

C:HP_RECOVERY - your recovery files which is needed in case you broke your Windows Operating system

E:HP_TOOLS - I assume contains drivers for you HP laptop

F:SYSTEM - your Windows Operating System

You will all need the above partitions for your Windows OS in case you need to restore to the default OEM installation.

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