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I am using Xubuntu 12.04. I have been trying to configure user pictures for login window for 2 weeks. I have read a lot of threads (on this forum too) and I am sorry for asking a similar question (except of xubuntu version) - but still doesn't work.

I tried to put a picture named .face in my home directory with any combination of sizes (96X96, 96X72, 64X64) and image types (jpeg, png). None of them works. The picture is displayed when I open startmenu/system/'users and groups', however not displayed at login.

Right after installation the mouse icon was displayed for all users, then it was somehow changed to the computer icon for all users. It would be so nice to have pictures to make selection of the user easier for my kids.

Is it possible at all to have user pictures in 12.04 or is the only possibility to upgrade to 13.04 (because it was said 13.04 displays the pictures)?

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