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I'm the proud owner of a set of Kinesis foot pedals, which by default map to USB mouse buttons 1 to 3.

I'm trying to use these as "scroll pedals", i.e. pushing and holding the left/right pedal should be equivalent to scrolling up/down on the mouse wheel. Remapping the buttons to 4 and 5 is thus insufficient since this will only produce a single scroll event when the button is held.

Apparently, the notion of repeating mouse buttons is entirely unheard of. My current solution is to use btnx to map the mouse events to cursor up/down key presses, which approximates what I want, but fails in lots of circumstances (since cursor down often has different behaviour from "scroll down", for which there is apparently no key).

Is there an analogon to keyboard repeat for mouse buttons, or can you think of some other way to get the behaviour I want?

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