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I installed Gnome 3.8 about 3 weeks ago and it worked great! Just recently I updated and everything about the boot-up has been a little odd.

Firstly, the boot screen wasn't the purple and orange "Ubuntu" logo, it was grey and had the Gnome logo. I was able to fix this one with a simple terminal command, but I thought I would mention it.

Second, the display manager is completely different! I am not even sure what it is! It isn't lightdm, and it certainly isn't gdm. It has a blue wallpaper with waves throughout and the login box is a line of my user icons with a password below, all in the center of the screen. In the bottom right, there are the shut-down/restart/suspend buttons. I have tried several times to change it with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm", them changing to either lightdm or gdm. How can I change/fix this and change it back to either lightdm or gdm?

Third, the Ubuntu Software Center keeps crashing when I open it. I have actually been having this issue since I first installed Gnome 3.8, but it still continues. Even though I have found temporary fixes, such as clearing cache, but to no avail. How can I fix this if there is even a way?

Thank you! If additional details are needed, please ask!

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