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I can hibernate my system with command "sudo s2disk". Now I'd like to call this from gnome menu with clicking on "Hibernate".

what I need to do?

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In /etc/pm/config.d/00_sleep-module, set the option to use uswsusp:

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Add the OS version please. It seems you are at 11.10 and this question is tagged for 10.10 – userDepth Jun 12 at 20:30
No, I am on 15.10 – no way for me to (in)validate my answer now. – MPi Jun 13 at 6:20
And this question is tagged for 10.10 – userDepth Jun 13 at 12:38
So what? I will not add a tag if cannot check its validity. And I cannot check that ancient answer anymore. – MPi Jun 13 at 12:46… - You did the update to 11.10 an found problems so this answer is old but take note for future cases not to leave things loose. Did you file a bug on that version ? – userDepth Jun 13 at 13:11

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