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I have Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64 bit installed parallel to Windows 7 on my laptop.

While installing skype on Ubuntu, I installed some dependencies of skype, and it removed almost all of my packages installed on laptop.

Skype installed, but nothing else remained. After the installation completed, the desktop disappeared.

I believe my ubuntu-desktop uninstalled. The software center disappeared too, so did python. While the internet was still working, I installed firefox, vlc and nautilus. Then I restarted the pc.

I cannot access the internet from Ubuntu now(do not know how).

As the desktop is gone, I can only login commandline, with no packages! I tried opening vlc, firefox and nautilus, each of these asks for display options.

Is it possible to restore to the default package settings without losing any data?

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Fortunately, there is a fix for this. See Andrea Corbellini's answer to How to fix Ubuntu after accidentally uninstalling many packages? (We can probably close this as a duplicate of that.) –  Eliah Kagan Sep 9 '13 at 20:41

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