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I have read many if not all the posts related to dual booting, but I am not absolutely clear how to avoid clobbering my XP boot record in the process using the latest version of Ubuntu.

I have a computer with two SATA drives. Both drives have XP Professional. I currently use drive 2 as a backup for drive 1 by imaging drive 1 on 2 as a bootable disk.

Drive 1 is an SSD and Drive 2 is not.

After I'm done, I would like to have no change to drive 1, Ubuntu should be on drive 2, and there should be a partition on drive 2 for data accessible by both XP and Ubuntu. I would like XP removed from drive 2.

I have Ubuntu on a CD and it works perfectly on my computer. (32 bit version).

  • Do I need to reformat Drive 2 to ensure that Ubuntu doesn't preserve XP there?

  • Do I need to change the boot order from the BIOS before I start the install?

  • Do I need to keep the boot order changed in order to have the choice of operating system at start-up? (I don't want to change the XP boot record on 1)

  • What do I need to do to ensure that the data partition on 2 is accessible from both Ubuntu and XP?

  • Will I need to edit the boot file in Ubuntu to make this work?

Any help is appreciated. (I have True Image and a disk image on a USB drive, so recovery is always possible).

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