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I'm fairly new to bash programming, and I am trying to figure out a way of "grepping" a line with a certain pattern from a rather long logfile and proceeding from the line I just got with grep -w "pattern" filename. I need to get to the line immediately preceding my grep-line.

I thought I could access it via linenumbers, but I only ever seem to find solutions that read a certain line via linenumber, if I already know, what that linenumber is.

Any ideas?

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You can tell grep to output additional lines of context around each matching line e.g.

grep -w "pattern" -A5 filename

for 5 lines of context after the match, or

grep -w "pattern" -B5 filename

for 5 lines of context before the match, or

grep -w "pattern" -C5 filename

for 5 lines each of before and after context. So in your case you could do

grep -w "pattern" -B1 filename | head -1

to find "pattern" and print a single preceding line of context, and then only print the context line using head. Other solutions using awk or sed instead of grep would be possible.

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