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I am asking this, because I can't seems to find question regarding this. I love gnome-terminal, because I can copy paste from/to this terminal window, and because I already set it up to use bitmap font (non anti alias), so it has the same appearance as xterm.

But in my preference, one thing missing : how can I always disable/hide tab bar when I open multiple tab? I didn't like this tab element gui. But I don't think there is a trivial option to do it.. or, is it?

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You mean you don't want tabs all-together or you don't want to see the tab GUI? –  i08in Feb 20 '14 at 20:36
Thanks for replying (it's been a while..), all-together. But, actually now I am using KDE Konsole instead of Gnome-Terminal. The reason is because I can completely hide the tab, and easily switch to other tab using SHIFT+arrow. I still don't know how to hide the tab in gnome-terminal though ;) –  swdev Feb 22 '14 at 0:54

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