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I'm stumped. Brand new to Linux, the battery became disabled while I had Vista running on my Lenovo Z61t. It worked fine until Vista demanded I buy another license, I imagine the disabling of the battery is a tactic used by Windows to put additional pressure on the person why may be using a non-legitimate copy of their OS. That was the last straw, I installed Ubuntu thinking it may take care of the problem. Love the new OS but the battery issue persists.

Any benevolent suggestions?

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The battery can not be "disabled". If the laptop shuts down immediately when you unplug the power, then the battery is broken. Usually even a very degraded battery should work for a few minutes though, but you did not really mention what the symptoms are. "It does not work" is not a good error description.

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I just can't imagine the battery died of natural causes. It is relatively new and mysteriously decided to quit on me when Vista decided my install was suspect. Just a few short weeks ago I could happily take my notebook around and enjoy at least an hour of battery life. But, now I'm bound by the power supply, I unplug computer turns off immediately. – user13963 Apr 10 '11 at 14:50

The current battery is dead. Get a new battery.

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It might not be a bad battery. If you search there are other threads about this. Here is one -

"On battery" is not recognized

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